• Autonomous Emergency Braking

What is Autonomous Emergency Braking?

Also knowns as: 

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking 

  2. AEB

  3. Car-to-Car Rear Stationary

  4. Collision Mitigation System

It's a safety technology that monitors the road ahead and will automatically brake the car if the driver fails to respond to a collision threat. 

Leading safety experts, including Thatcham Research, rate AEB as one of the most important road safety advances of recent years. In fact, they say it is as important as the introduction of seat belts. According to Thatcham, AEB could save an astonishing 1100 lives and 122,860 casualties in the UK over the next 10 years.

MD Demonstration Slab

To demonstrate AEB we can use a variety of vehicle targets supplied by Moshon Data:

  • MD-S
  • MD-SF 
  • MD-VT
  • MD-VT L
  • 3D Targets