• Night Simulation

What demonstrations do we do at night?

95% of car users will drive in the dark. Many modern cars are now equipped with automatic lights and high beams, a very useful tool.

People are unsure about letting the car turn off the high beam itself when a vehicle is oncoming. It is an automatic response to dim the lights ourselves.

Let us show you that this is no longer necessary.

When driving at night, would your car detect a pedestrian or cyclist who is not wearing highly visible clothing, when you haven’t seen them yourself?

We have the solution for testing your car.

We have the solution to enable you to trust your car in such scenarios.


Moshon Data Night Simulation Tunnel

Moshon Data Night Simulation Tunnel

This is a unique solution for testing ADAS sensors in the dark. Exclusively available from Moshon Data, the sectional Inflatable Tunnel can be configured using a variety of options.

Suitable for:

  • VRU Pedestrian testing in the Dark
  • Headlight test
  • Headlight sensor test
  • General Night test
  • Brake test area, controlled environment